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What is our style of travelling?

What is our style of travelling? We discussed it strongly before starting our business. The word which would describe our style in the most precise way is... curious.

🌿 Close to nature and culture

We love discovering places on the way, finding the best parks, cafes, museums and historic city centres. And if the weather is good, we stay somewhere "outside" the civilization, some anchorage in the middle of nowhere, or small marinas where we "pay" for a stay in beers 😇

🌿 Not too slow, not too fast

We don't want to rush, making as many miles or hours at the sea as possible. Also, we don't want to spend all our time in the marinas or on anchorages. We want to explore, sail, learn and experience! Some days will be spent at sea, some of them in museums or just wandering around beautiful places. And that is the beauty of this!

🌿 With respect to everyone

This is a very important rule for us, we don't tolerate homophobia, sexism, racism or transphobia. We want everyone to feel comfortable and fully accepted during our expeditions. We are in the sailing community for a long time, and by creating this company, we want to give an opportunity to people who felt that sailing society can be sometimes a little bit too... conservative for them.

So yes, this is kind of our thing!

Stay safe everyone!

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