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The Traveller Paradox

“The Traveller Paradox” is the term I come up with after many discussions with my crewmates and friends. It is something that every traveller experiences, and the more you travel, the stronger the feeling is. But first, to explain what is “the Traveler Paradox” we need to get acquainted with the term “The coastline paradox”.

As Wikipedia tell us:

The measured length of the coastline depends on the method used to measure it and the degree of cartographic generalization. Since a landmass has featured at all scales, from hundreds of kilometres in size to tiny fractions of a millimetre and below, there is no obvious size of the smallest feature that should be taken into consideration when measuring, and hence no single well-defined perimeter to the landmass.

So in that case, what is the “traveller paradox”?

When we discover new places, for example, a very well-known city, the first thing we want to see are the most famous places, probably some cathedral, museum or park. Later, after we finish, we start to explore less touristy places, every time noticing something new and exciting. Frequently we catch ourselves on the thought, that “this we will visit next time”. But this never ends! Always, always will be something new and exciting that we didn't notice previously. Maybe some cute park? Maybe a lovely cafe on the corner? Or maybe someone recommended an amazing family-owned restaurant?

The deeper we dive into the new place, the more we will find!

And at some point, we need to decide “ok, this is enough for now” and accept, that we will never see everything. For curious people, even the most boring place on earth will provide space for exploration and growth.

Good thing is, that we can try to transfer this paradox to our everyday life. Maybe in the city, you live that you think you have “seen everything” but you will find something new that you never paid attention.

So have fun exploring, and if at some point you decide to join us on our sailing adventure, you will be more than welcome!

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