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This Is Our Story


With a big satisfaction, we are observing a return of smaller businesses. It doesn't matter what they sell, clothes, ceramics, or adventures. The only thing that matter is that they are personal. They care. Every happy client is a victory, every complaint is noticed, and every found defect is a step closer to the perfection of their product. 


Because that is what matters! To not separate products from the people who stand behind them. To feel like your opinion and words matter, and are not just another mail in the “comments” box.

Everyone is different, and for everyone travel means something else. We are aware that we won't be able to make everything suitable for everyone. But we can give you our word that we will try our best to make your adventure with us unforgettable. Because we will listen, adjust, and consult changes with you if the plans don't work out (as often happens at the sea). Because we care.

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