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Small Boat Big Adventure

Dream Catcher

Hello everyone!

I have for sale small atlantic cruiser. If you are familiar with ‘580’ you wil recognize the design immediately. This is her ‘older sister’ called 5.00 or ‘Setka’ in polish. 

This is one of this small sailboats which are made for big adventures, like crossing the ocean. After I build it i sailed on it on Baltic sea and later single-handed from Portugal to Tenerife.



The boat is equipped with two sealed chambers with styrofoam, one at the front and one at the back. It makes this boat unsinkable and safe.


I'm not gonna lie, this boat is not made to go upwind. But sailing downwind will give you a really amazing performance!  And with gennaker, you can just surf on ocean waves smoothly and with an amazing thrill!



The boat is mostly made with 10mm plywood covered with a thick layer of fiberglass. It is just unbreakable. The bottom of the boat is 20mm of wood plus extra layers of fiberglass.


Onwa active ais, Cobra radio, Simrad autopilot, 2 x 60W solar panels with the regulation of angle, Victron regulator, 100Ah AGM battery, 2 jibs with reefs, Mainsail with 3 reefs and orange top, Storm jib, Gennaker, Dinghy

- Final Sale -

3 000€

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